more than a tasty snack
Real food for real families

YUMMY 4U Buttered Oats are more than the tasty snack we eat today. This patented technology is a part of the YUMMY 4U movement to bring real food to people and real families. To bring fuel to our tables, not just filler. I started educating myself on the food we see in our supermarkets over a decade ago. Food Inc. was the first documentary I saw on this food crisis in our country. Hearing lobbyists say, “it is our job to give people what they want to eat and it is their job to educate themselves on what is good and not good.” in defense of the food industry fueled my curiosity even more.

butter is better
cast your vote!

We may think that a quick treat in our grocery cart doesn’t hurt anyone or anything, but each scanned item is casting a vote in support of that food and the production of it. You are casting a vote that allows these lobbyists to get away with it. “If the food industry isn’t educating us on the dangers of their products, who is educating us?” I found I had to search endlessly to find the real truth about what we are putting in our bodies when we eat. I knew I had to do something, I didn’t understand why my high fiber diet was not sustaining me. I quickly realized that it wasn’t just about the main ingredients in the foods we consume, it was about the additives, the extra things the industry was putting in our foods. Did you know Canola Oil is not a saturated fat? This was my “ah-ha” moment! I am missing saturated fat in this granola and my body is deprived of saturated fat. I also learned Canola oil was in a wide variety of everyday foods. My mind shifted to looking for ingredients high in saturated fat. I looked up butter and found it was a very good saturated fat and also had vitamin A D E K in it. That is where we started the Butter is Better movement.

Taste It, Live It, Love it
fuel for life

While sitting in my kitchen, I created a new oat snack that was inspired by my son, but I learned quickly, it served a larger purpose. I want to share Yummy 4U Buttered Oats with everyone, so we can all embrace the “taste it, live it, love it” lifestyle. Healthy eating is fuel for life, and we are all on this journey together.

Good foods bring happiness & positivity, and that means you evolve into a better you!