Yummy 4U Strawberry Smoothie

Yummy 4U Strawberry Smoothie

Summer is here, and that means it’s smoothie time. There are so many delicious smoothie recipes out there. However, none of those recipes have our nutritious Yummy 4U Buttered Oats in them. These buttered oats have 100% reusable energy, so you’ll never have a low battery during your hectic schedule.

If you’re looking for something more sustainable to add, try this strawberry smoothie recipe. We also have a blueberry smoothie recipe too that you should try out along with this one. Both are made with our buttered oats, you’ll notice the difference in your energy.

It’s time to start being able to trust the ingredients in your foods so you know that you’re doing the best you can for your health. With this in mind, this why we do what we do at Yummy. Unquestionably, we want you to have the best ingredients and now we want to share our favorite recipes with you guys to try. Above all, don’t forget to taste it, live it, love it.




-1 ice cube


-Almond milk (sweetened or unsweetened is up to you)

-Half a packet of Yummy 4U Buttered Oats


-Blend it all together

-Enjoy your delicious smoothie

Coupled with the great taste, this 3 ingredient smoothie will get you through the day. It’s a super easy recipe and it’s perfect for on the go. Whether you’re on your way to work, dropping the kids off at school, or any other activity, this smoothie will be working for you the entire time.

Smoothies are also the perfect drink for summer. Take it to the beach and enjoy it while you’re soaking up the rays. Your skin will benefit from the strawberries as they’re a great source of antioxidants.

In summary, these buttered oats are made with five ingredients that all work for your body, and you know what it is. Gluten-free rolled oats, grass-fed butter, cane sugar, sea salt, and brown rice syrup. That’s all there is. In truth, you’ll feel good knowing that there’s nothing in these that could potentially harm your body. We only believe in the good stuff.

Overall, your body will thank you for giving it Yummy 4U Buttered Oats.

Photo Credit: Amy Shafer Photography