What Does it Mean to Be Kosher?

What Does it Mean to Be Kosher?

At Yummy 4U, we’re proud of our certifications. Each one lets you know what our product is about so you can feel safe and confident eating it. The one certification that a lot of people aren’t as familiar with is our Kosher Dairy certification. Let’s break down what exactly it means and why it matters. It’s important to ensure that people who are kosher can enjoy Yummy 4U Buttered Oats as well.

Starting off with the basics, kosher is derived from Jewish dietary law and in Hebrew translates to, “fit or proper.” Rabbinic scholars have studied these laws and have enacted protective legislation around them to keep the integrity of these laws.

The Kosher Process

Since this is sacred within the religious laws, it’s crucial to follow all of these ways in order to truly be certified. The reason why this process is so extensive today is due to industrialization and the mass production of foods.

Now it’s a guessing game for people who want to be kosher. That’s why a Rabbi needs to be able to certify products.


The Torah, states that kosher mammals have to be able to chew their cud and are cloven-hoofed. This includes addax, antelope, bison, deer, gazelle, giraffe, goat, ibex, and sheep. The meat is prepared a certain way to maintain kosher status.

A trained professional kills the animal in a fast and painless way. Then they inspect the animal to make sure the organs have no abnormalities.

You can’t have blood vessels, nerves, and lobes of fat in the meat. The Torah also forbids any consumption of blood, so the meats then have to go through a salting process to drain the meat entirely of blood.


The Torah lists 24 forbidden species of fowl. All other birds are kosher. However, people only seem to eat birds that have established tradition as kosher.

The only birds considered to be kosher in the United States are: chicken, turkey, duck, and goose.


The fish must have fins and scales. Those scales must be easy to remove without damaging the skin. No eating of shellfish. Aside from the scales being visible, there are no special preparations for fish in order for it to be kosher.



Since we are a snack brand that doesn’t have meat or seafood products, our kosher certification lies in the dairy aspect of the law. This is due to the fact that we use grass-fed butter in our product. If you look at our website and packages, this is what the KD certification stands for.

For dairy to be kosher, it must come from a kosher certified animal, such as cows, and the milking process must be overseen by a Rabbi. There can be no use or trace of any meat derivatives. For preparation, dairy and meat can’t touch. However, if a production line needs to switch from dairy to mean, it has to go through a kosherizing process.

A Rabbi is the one who oversees the kosherizing process. This process involves cleaning and purging the equipment’s non-kosher status. Afterward, the equipment is left alone for 24 hours after a rigorous cleaning involving boiling water, steam, and fire. Then, to make sure it’s kosher, a rabbi inspects it.

Enjoy Yummy 4U

From our kosher dairy certification to our gluten-free oats, we try to be inclusive of people’s dietary needs so more people can be free to enjoy our nutritious and delicious buttered oats. Overall, Yummy 4U Buttered Oats is a product that everyone can enjoy.

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