Summer Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Summer Smoothie Bowl Recipe
Nothing screams summertime like relaxing by the beach with a nutritious smoothie bowl in hand. Try out our smoothie bowl recipe to feel like you reached paradise this summer.

A smoothie bowl is a refreshing way to fill up while enjoying your day. It’s more filling than a regular smoothie, and they’re also Instagram-worthy. Without a doubt, your followers will be jealous of how great your smoothie bowl looks. This isn’t a difficult smoothie bowl recipe to follow so you’ll be able to make it in no time.

In order for this smoothie bowl to have that beautiful bright color, we make it with pitaya, or also known as dragon fruit. Did you know that pitaya is rich in magnesium and iron? Both are vital for your body to be at its best. They are also high in fiber and are rich in antioxidants. This is truly a super smoothie bowl that not only tastes amazing but is working hard to keep your body in shape.




-2 packets of pitaya

-1 frozen banana

-2 tbsp of milk or non-dairy alternatives

-1 cup of your favorites fruits

-½ packet of Yummy 4U Buttered Oats


-Take the packets of pitaya and run them under warm water

-Add them to the blender

-Add the banana and milk to the blender

-Blend it

-Add to a bowl and top it off with that cup of your favorite fruits and the rest of the buttered oats


Additionally, one of the beauties of smoothie bowls is that you can take them with you no matter where you are. They’re also big enough to share with others, so grab a friend and enjoy the nutrients together.

While you’re at it, recommend Yummy 4U Buttered Oats to that friend so they can start adding Yummy to their favorite smoothie bowls and other foods. In short, sharing the goodness of Yummy with others is a great way to let your loved ones know you want them to have the best. The taste and nutrition of our buttered oats will make you a believer in the taste it, live it, love it moto.


Photo Credit: Amy Shafer Photography