Feed the Children

Feed the Children

Children should be spending their youth playing outside with friends and learning new things. They need to be able to grow into healthy adults. The reality is that a lot of these children don’t have the energy to play. Or the ability to have an education due to no fault of their own. Children are starving all over the world. It could be the kid across the street from you or a kid in another country. This is where organizations like Feed the Children help.

For those not familiar with this organization, Feed the Children was established over 40 years ago. They are one of the worlds leading anti-hunger organizations. These hard workers provide food for children all over the world. They also provide classroom support and school supplies for vulnerable children. 

An estimated 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted all over the world every year. Having that much food waste makes it hard to believe that anybody could go hungry. It’s crucial for children to have the key nutrients they need in order to grow strong and healthy. The heartbreaking reality is that kids all over the world have to suffer malnutrition.

The Partnership Between Yummy 4U and Feed the Children

Here at Yummy 4U, we believe that everybody deserves to have real food that works for their body. Food that’ll give you the nutrients and energy you need throughout the day to keep you at your best. Additionally, we partnered with Feed the Children. For every box you buy from yummysnacks.com, you’ll be feeding 3 children. What an incredible contribution you can make by just buying yourself some delicious and nutritious buttered oats.

Internationally, Feed the Children work to manage child-focused community development programs. These programs educate people on health, promote self-reliance, and focus on reducing hunger. All of this takes place in 9 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Hard Work Pays Off

The work that Feed the Children does is making such a positive impact on communities in need. As a result, in the year 2020, they distributed 87.8 million pounds of food. Imagine how many children went to bed with a full belly of food for the first time in their lives? It’s remarkable.

In the United States, they were able to reach about 5.6 million children and their families with shelf-stable food. They also bought other essential items that totaled about $329 million. 

If you visit their website, you can view their 5-year strategic plan that they’ve made available. The organization is fully transparent in what they do, and where your donations go. They have their financial statements available on their website so you can see for yourself where the donations are going. 93% of Feed the Children’s expenditures went to the program services.

Disaster Relief

Not only do they help with food and other essential products, but they also provide disaster relief. They responded to the tornadoes that devastated Alabama and Western Georgia by sending more than 149,000 pounds of relief supplies. 

For the communities suffering from covid-19, Feed the Children is supporting them. So far $183,881,562 of food and other essentials have been sent to communities.

How You Can Support Feed the Children

Feed the Children are doing amazing work on their own, but they still need support from you. There are many ways to support like making a donation on their website. You can also sponsor a child, volunteer, do a personal fundraiser, and more. Just visit their website to explore the options. Furthermore, we are honored to partner with such an important organization here at Yummy 4U. Our goal for 2021 is to feed 10,000 children. Each box you purchase from yummysnacks.com you are helping us to get closer to that goal. Think of those little faces light up when they see food coming their way thanks to your purchase.

We shouldn’t live in a world where children are starving when there’s an abundance of food. In conclusion, we’re all in this together, and we all need to help and support each other more. Take a page from Feed the Children’s book and help these children live a better life. If you’re a parent, and you’re kid had to go hungry, wouldn’t you hope someone would help them? You and Feed the Children are that someone.

Feed the Children