Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

I love having a blueberry smoothie in the morning or right after a workout. The best part of the smoothie is the Yummy 4U Buttered Oats that I add to it. These oats are made with 100% reusable energy, so I know it’ll get me through whatever the day may hold.

In a world full of processed foods and ingredients that you can’t even pronounce, it’s overwhelming to know what’s actually going to work for your body. That’s why you need to try Yummy 4U Buttered Oats. You can pronounce all of the 5 ingredients we use. Ingredients that you’re already familiar with. We take the guessing game out of your diet by having full transparency.




-1 ice cube


-Almondmilk(sweetened or unsweetened is your choice)

-Half a packet of Yummy 4U Buttered Oats


-Place ingredients in the blender

-Blend to desired texture

-Enjoy your smoothie

This blueberry smoothie recipe is perfect for breakfast. Additionally, it’ll give you enough energy to sustain you through your busy day. It’s nutritious and delicious because, at Yummy 4U, we don’t sacrifice taste for health.

Want to know how else trying our buttered oats will help? For one thing, with every box you buy, you’re helping to feed 3 children through our Feed the Children partnership. Not only are you giving your body something nutritious to eat, but you’re also helping children all over the world to get the nutrients they so desperately need. What could be better than that? Did you ever think reading a smoothie recipe was going to give you all that?

By following this recipe and our others, and buying from Yummy 4U, you are doing so much good. Surely, it’s hard to see how you could turn down such a great deal. Overall, don’t forget to share these recipes with people you love. Spread the goodness even further.

Photo Credits: Amy Shafer Photography